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C.A.S.T. operated from 1993 to 2006 and the Great Falls Players operated from 1964 to 2006, when we merged to become the McLean Community Players. The McLean Theatre Alliance (MTA) joined us in January, 2007.

In 2001 we began building an archive of all our past shows, with their casts and crews, reconstructed as well as possible from old programs and other records. The information is far from complete. If you can pinpoint any of the many errors or omissions, please email us.

The 2023-2024 Season (click on a show for details)
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Oct 27 - Oct 29, 2023

201 Shows
Alphabetic by Season
Show Type:   Musicals   Comedies   Mysteries   Dramas   All
2014-2015 13 (MCP)  
2015-2016 1776 (MCP)  
2005-2006 1940's Radio Hour! (CAST)  
2016-2017 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (MCP)  
2022-2023 39 Steps (MCP)  
1993-1994 Agnes of God (GFP)  
2000-2001 All My Sons (GFP)  
2022-2023 American Idiot (MCP)  
1998-1999 An Inspector Calls (GFP)  
2000-2001 Anastasia (GFP)  
1974-1975 And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little (GFP)  
1999-2000 Annie (CAST)  
2003-2004 Anything Goes (MTA)  
1966-1967 Arms and the Man (GFP)  
1993-1994 Arsenic and Old Lace (CAST)  
2008-2009 Art of Murder (MCP)  
2014-2015 Barefoot in the Park (MCP)  
1969-1970 Barefoot in the Park (GFP)  
1990-1991 Bell, Book, and Candle (GFP)  
1964-1965 Bell, Book, and Candle (GFP)  
1988-1989 Betrothal (GFP)  
1987-1988 Blithe Spirit (GFP)  
2006-2007 Born Yesterday (GFP)  
1997-1998 Brigadoon (CAST)  
1992-1993 Broadway Bound (GFP)  
1988-1989 Bus Stop (GFP)  
1995-1996 Bye, Bye Birdie (CAST)  
1977-1978 Cactus Flower (GFP)  
2015-2016 Calendar Girls (MCP)  
1967-1968 Caretaker (GFP)  
1998-1999 Cemetery Club (GFP)  
1995-1996 Chapter Two (GFP)  
2010-2011 Cheaper by the Dozen (MCP)  
2007-2008 Children of a Lesser God (MCP)  
2008-2009 Christmas Carol - The Musical (MCP)  
2004-2005 Cinderella (MTA)  
1979-1980 Clearing in the Woods (GFP)  
1995-1996 Cocktail Hour (GFP)  
1976-1977 Come Back Little Sheba (GFP)  
2016-2017 Comic Potential (MCP)   Company (MCP)  
2004-2005 Copenhagen (GFP)  
1995-1996 Count Dracula (CAST)  
1987-1988 Crimes of the Heart (GFP)  
1996-1997 Crossing Delancey (GFP)  
1972-1973 Curious Savage (GFP)  
2012-2013 Damn Yankees (MCP)  
2011-2012 Deathtrap (MCP)  
1988-1989 Deathtrap (GFP)  
2003-2004 Dial `M` for Murder (GFP)  
1993-1994 Dial M for Murder (CAST)  
1986-1987 Dining Room (GFP)  
1968-1969 Don Juan in Hell (GFP)  
1999-2000 Don't Drink the Water (GFP)  
1984-1985 Don't Drink the Water (GFP)  
2010-2011 Drowsy Chaperone (MCP)  
1969-1970 Drunkard (GFP)  
1976-1977 Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds (GFP)  
1970-1971 Ernest in Love (GFP)  
2007-2008 Evita (MCP)  
2001-2002 Fantasticks (MTA)  
1973-1974 Fantasticks (GFP)  
2015-2016 Footloose (MCP)  
1998-1999 Foreigner (MTA)  
2010-2011 Frost/Nixon (MCP)  
1967-1968 Fumed Oak (GFP)  
2003-2004 Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (CAST)  
1993-1994 Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (CAST)  
2014-2015 Game's Afoot (MCP)  
1991-1992 Gaslight (Angel Street) (GFP)  
1986-1987 George Washington Slept Here (GFP)  
1990-1991 Gin Game (GFP)  
1991-1992 Gingerbread Lady (GFP)  
1971-1972 Girl in The Freudian Slip (GFP)  
2008-2009 Glass Menagerie (MCP)  
1985-1986 Glass Menagerie (GFP)  
1999-2000 Godspell (CAST)  
1967-1968 Grass Harp (GFP)  
2002-2003 Grease (CAST)  
2013-2014 Guys and Dolls (MCP)  
2000-2001 Gypsy (CAST)  
2017-2018 Harvey (MCP)  
2001-2002 Harvey (GFP)  
1986-1987 Harvey (GFP)  
2001-2002 Honk! (MTA)  
1990-1991 Hot L Baltimore (GFP)  
2003-2004 Hound of the Baskervilles (GFP)  
2004-2005 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (CAST)  
2000-2001 I Hate Hamlet (MTA)   I Remember Mama (GFP)  
2009-2010 Importance of Being Earnest (MCP)  
1991-1992 Importance of Being Earnest (TRI)  
1996-1997 Inherit the Wind (GFP)  
2009-2010 It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play (MCP)  
2018-2019 Jerry Bonnes Sing-A-Long (MCP)  
2009-2010 Jerry's Girls (MCP)  
2014-2015 Jesus Christ Superstar (MCP)  
1965-1966 John Gabriel Borkman (GFP)  
2010-2011 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (MCP)  
1972-1973 King Lear (GFP)  
2013-2014 La Cage aux Folles (MCP)  
1966-1967 Ladies in Retirement (GFP)  
1986-1987 Last of the Red Hot Lovers (GFP)  
2002-2003 Laughter on the 23rd Floor (GFP)  
2011-2012 Legally Blonde, the Musical (MCP)  
2006-2007 Life With Father (MCP)  
1972-1973 Lion in Winter (GFP)  
2006-2007 Little Shop of Horrors (MCP)  
2009-2010 Little Women -- the Musical (MCP)  
2002-2003 London Suite (GFP)  
1994-1995 Love Letters (GFP)  
1972-1973 Love of Four Colonels (GFP)  
1983-1984 Lysistrata (GFP)  
2011-2012 Man of La Mancha (MCP)  
1999-2000 Man Who Came to Dinner (GFP)  
2017-2018 Meet Jim Pfautz, the Artist (MCP)  
1976-1977 Merry Wives of Windsor (GFP)  
2016-2017 Midsummer Night's Dream (MCP)  
2017-2018 Morgan and Friends (MCP)  
1994-1995 Mousetrap (GFP)  
1983-1984 Move Over Mrs. Markham (GFP)  
1995-1996 Murder by the Book (GFP)  
1993-1994 Murder on the Nile (GFP)  
2002-2003 Music Man (MTA)  
1996-1997 Nerd (CAST)  
2012-2013 Next to Normal (MCP)  
1971-1972 Night Must Fall (GFP)  
1967-1968 Night of the Iguana (GFP)  
1992-1993 Night Watch (GFP)  
1975-1976 Night Watch (GFP)  
1989-1990 Nuts (GFP)  
1999-2000 Odd Couple (Female Version) (MTA)  
1998-1999 Oh Coward! (CAST)   Oklahoma! (CAST)  
1994-1995 Oldest Living Graduate (GFP)  
2008-2009 Oliver! (MCP)  
1988-1989 On Golden Pond (GFP)  
2000-2001 Once Upon a Mattress (MTA)  
1996-1997 One Down (GFP)  
1994-1995 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (GFP)  
2004-2005 Over the River and Through the Woods (GFP)  
2001-2002 Perfect Crime (GFP)  
2013-2014 Perfect Wedding (MCP)  
1965-1966 Phoenix Too Frequent / Experiment in Sound (GFP)  
1984-1985 Picnic (GFP)  
2001-2002 Pirates of Penzance (CAST)  
1998-1999 Plaza Suite (GFP)  
1974-1975 Plaza Suite (GFP)  
1997-1998 Price (GFP)  
1973-1974 Price (GFP)  
1985-1986 Prisoner of Second Avenue (GFP)  
1994-1995 Rainmaker (CAST)  
2007-2008 Red Hot and Cole (MCP)  
1965-1966 Reluctant Debutante (GFP)  
1991-1992 Riches/Nice People Dancing (GFP)  
2001-2002 Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket (GFP)  
2002-2003 Room Service (MTA)  
2012-2013 Rumors (MCP)  
1993-1994 Rumors (GFP)  
1968-1969 Schizo/The Tiger (GFP)  
1978-1979 Seascape (GFP)  
1992-1993 Second Time Around (GFP)  
2006-2007 Secret Garden (MCP)  
1966-1967 Separate Tables (GFP)  
2018-2019 Seussical the Musical (MCP)  
1998-1999 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (MTA)  
1968-1969 She Stoops to Conquer (GFP)  
1974-1975 Shot in the Dark (GFP)  
2022-2023 Show Must Go On! (MCP)  
2011-2012 Social Security (MCP)  
1992-1993 Social Security (CAST)  
1996-1997 Some Enchanted Evening (CAST)   Sound of Music (CAST)  
1994-1995 South Pacific (CAST)   Splendor in the Grass (CAST)  
2002-2003 Star Spangled Girl (GFP)  
1999-2000 State Fair (MTA)  
1990-1991 Steel Magnolias (GFP)  
2005-2006 Stop the World, I Want to Get Off (GFP)  
2003-2004 Story Theatre (GFP)  
1982-1983 Summer of the 17th Doll (GFP)  
1996-1997 Sunshine Boys (GFP)  
2007-2008 Sylvia (MCP)  
1997-1998 Sylvia (GFP)  
1999-2000 Thousand Clowns (GFP)  
2013-2014 Time Stands Still (MCP)  
1970-1971 Toys in the Attic (GFP)  
2018-2019 Tuna Christmas (MCP)  
2015-2016 Unnecessary Farce (MCP)  
1986-1987 Vanities (GFP)  
2004-2005 Wait Until Dark (MTA)  
1989-1990 Wait Until Dark (GFP)  
1977-1978 We Have Always Lived in the Castle (GFP)  
2012-2013 What I Did Last Summer (MCP)  
1973-1974 What the Butler Saw (GFP)  
1969-1970 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (GFP)  
1997-1998 Witness for the Prosecution (GFP)  
2005-2006 You Can`t Take it With You (GFP)  
1971-1972 You Can't Take It with You (GFP)  
1989-1990 You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running (GFP)  
2005-2006 You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (MTA)  

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