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List Cast
Quest as Sylvia
  Director   Betty Coyle-Friedman
  Assistant Director   Terry Yates
  Producer   George Farnsworth
  Jane McGovern
  Stage Manager   Wendy Granat Humphries
  Maggie Kern
  Set Design   Bill Glikbarg
  Technical Director   Herb Rothenberg
  Lighting Design   Lynne Glikbarg
  Poster/Flyer   Jane McGovern
  Sound Design   Jerry Bonnes
  Publicity   Bunny Bonnes
  House Manager   Bob Greenspan
  Set Construction   Jerry Bonnes
  George Farnsworth
  Hal Fleming
  Bill Glikbarg
  Herb Rothenberg
  Allan Ruppar
  Mike Savage
  Dinnie Whitson

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