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List Cast
  Producers   Jerry Gideon
  Jean Matich
  Director   Annie O'Neill Galvin
  Assistant Director   Karen Veltri
  Choreographer   Melissa Dunlap
  Stage Manager   Shayne Gardner
  Music Director   John Edward Niles
  Music Coordinator   Lori Roddy
  Set Design   George Farnsworth
  Bill Glikbarg
  Lighting Design   Lynne Glikbarg
  Sound Design   Matthew Scarborough
  Costumer   Juliana Cofrancesco
  Assistant Costumer   Megan Murphy
  Wardrobe Assistant   Claudia Atherton
  Yvonne French
  Rosemary Grefe
  Scenic Painting   Adrienne Kammer
  Set Construction   George Farnsworth
  Bill Glikbarg
  Bob Schroth
  Properties/Set Dressing   Claire Tse
  Properties Assistants   Anne Hilleary
  Jennifer Levy
  Leslie Stanfield
  Hair & Makeup Design   Xandra Weaver
  Sound Operator   Sam Krause
  Andrew Rampy
  Shirley Sameshima
  Light Board Operator   Emily Besuden
  Jean Matich
  Cornelia Newbold
  Follow Spot Operator   Nick Matich
  Maiko Yoshioka
  Backstage Crew   Summer Donaldson
  Jennifer Levy
  Laura Peterson
  Claire Tse
  House Manager   Columba H. Brumby
  Audition Desk   Carol A. Strachan

MCP is grateful for the generous support of:
McLean Community Foundation Arts Council of Fairfax County  

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