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Character Descriptions for American Idiot


Johnny: Baritenor (B2-B4) The Prodigal Son. Goes to the city in search of himself, only to find love and a destructive friendship.

Tunny: Baritenor (D3-B4) The Soldier. Joins the military to escape. Finds himself.

Will: Baritenor (C#3-A4) Stuck. Does not leave home due to family responsibility, and resents it.

St. Jimmy: Tenor (C3-F#5) A poisonous friend to Johnny. Encouraging. Obsessed. Addicted.

Heather: Mezzo Soprano (A3 - E5) Will's girlfriend and pregnant with his child. Must make a decision to stay or go.

Whatsername: Mezzo Soprano (F#3 - D#5) The love of Johnny's life and the bane of St. Jimmy's existence.

Extraordinary Girl: Mezzo Soprano (Bb3 - E5) A Guardian Angel in a world without hope.

Men and Women: Baritenors, Tenors, Altos, Mezzo Sopranos, Sopranos

The storytellers: characters that weave in and out of the action, affecting it, changing it, and conveying it.

The 2022-2023 Season (click on a show for details)
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July 21 - July 30, 2023
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Oct 27 - Oct 29, 2023

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