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Night Must Fall
by Emlyn Williams

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm at the Grange Theatre Feb 18, 1972 - Mar 4, 1972
Director: Chris Arnold   --   (GFP)

Emlyn Williams, a master of the chiller, has never surpassed this play, which is one of the finest of its kind ever written. Powerful, atmospheric, and with a very strong story line, its ultimate strength lies in the quality of its characterization.

The scene is a bungalow in a forest, and the principal characters are Danny, the charming, vicious young perpetrator of a particularly nasty murder, and Olivia, the lonely, repressed woman who is attracted to him despite herself, and who is the companion of the bungalow's rather repulsive owner, Mrs. Bramson.

It is not the author's fault that the most famous thing about the play is the notorious hatbox and its unglimpsed, but guessed at, contents.

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