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Perfect Crime
by Warren Manzi
Miguel Bullrich
Frank Felker
John Hitchcock
Debbie Kendrick
Nancy Lyons Rogers
Christopher Robin

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm at the Alden Theatre Apr 19, 2002 - May 4, 2002
Auditions: Completed
Producer: Jane McGovern
Director: Jerry Bonnes
Technical Director: Herb Rothenberg
Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French   --   (GFP)

"Perfectly Criminal:"

Great Falls Players grasps new audience by the throat.

For many years The Great Falls Players have brought us out of our houses for another look at some age old comedies, dramas and mysteries ... but, like all things, GFP, too, must evolve. With a history of well over thirty years, and hundreds of actors in and out of such a retro-array of mildewed mad-prats like, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Death on the Nile and of course no one can forget, Harvey; who would have thought that Great Falls Players would produce a challenging and more recent (1985) work:

Perfect Crime is total addiction, for the mystery lover, from beginning to end.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to community theatre, Great Falls Players tears off both masks and forces you face first into a circle of hell that even Dante couldn't have imagined. Perfect Crime, by Warren Manzi, is the newest work that The Players have tried in many a year. This production has the makings of the most challenging play that Jerry Bonnes has ever directed and produced by Jane McGovern.

"There are few individuals who appreciate the opportunity, and are willing to take on a role of genuine difficulty and significance in community theatre," says Bonnes, Director of Perfect Crime and most other GFP mysteries, "All the characters in Perfect Crime" continues Bonnes, "are totally indescribable. Each has to be seen and experienced in order to be fully understood and appreciated in their context of the production ... there were times when I felt, casting this show, wasn't too far from assigning people for a firing squad."

Mysteries are never easy but the challenge posed in Perfect Crime is to keep the audience on the edge until the last moment. Every element plays a role in Perfect Crime. Sound plays a major role, and most are clues to the audience, becoming nearly Pavlovian; everyone salivating, waiting for the next clue.

... About Crime
Perfect Crime begins with a ritual killing nightmare, spawned in the mind of missing mental patient, Carlotta Donovan; that leaves her psychiatrist (and author!) Dr. Margaret Thorne Brent, baffled by a single clue. Six months after her disappearance, Carlotta Donovan's case is turned over to the young Inspector Asher who knows very well who the perpetrators are ... but just can't prove it.

Married to Harrison Brent, a medically doomed English billionaire who just happens to be "wealthier than god," Margaret Thorne Brent finds herself obsessed with the possibility of committing the Perfect Crime. Her soon to be released, best selling book, Killing the King, seems to be taking the area of Windsor Locks, Connecticut by storm; literally. Amid her preparations for her appearance on Oprah, the following week, it seems Dr. Brent didn't quite count on this week going quite this poorly.

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