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Gingerbread Lady
by Neil Simon
Charles Castaldi
Bob Greenspan
Kathy Smith
Sunday Wynkoop
Erin Yates
Dick Young

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm at the Grange Theatre Oct 26, 1991 - Nov 9, 1991
Producer: Terry Yates
Director: Edith Donohue
Technical Director: Herb Rothenberg
Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French   --   (GFP)

Maureen Stapleton played the Broadway part of a popular singer who has gone to pot with booze and sex. We meet her at the end of a ten week drying out period at a sanitarium when her friend, her daughter, and an actor try to help her adjust to sobriety. But all three have the opposite effect on her. The friend is so constantly vain that she loses her husband; the actor, a homosexual, is also doomed, and indeed loses his part three days before an opening; and the daughter needs more affection than she can spare her mother. Enter also a former lover, who ends up giving her a black eye. The birthday party washes out, the gingerbread lady falls off the wagon and careens onward to her own tragic end.

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